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Cheech & Chong® Glass "Crest" Pop-Top Jar

$21.00 USD

Cheech & Chong® Glass's Three Keys to Happiness

When you’re holding a half-ounce of your favourite dank, you owe it to yourself to remember these very important things about the Cheech & Chong® Glass Pop-Top jars.

First, these are in collaboration with 420 Science - the world's best 420 Jars.

Second, they "pop" with freshness every time you open it.

And third, High Times called them “the best in herb storage.”


Machine blown glass
Cheech & Chong® Glass decal
Glass lid w/airtight plastic gasket
Made in the USA
Available while supplies last

Size Storage Height
Small 1/4 oz 3.75"
Medium 1/2 oz 4.00"
Large 3/4 oz 4.50"