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Cheech and Chong™ Glass Wholesale Information

Hey man, thanks visiting our Wholesale Information page

Here you're going to find contact information on how to open an account to sell our glass in your stores in Canada.

We were fortunate enough to set up our distribution facility in beautiful British Columbia. This benefits you in a number of ways.

  • All Transactions will be in Canadian Funds, not America Dollars

  • Since all of the Glass is in Canada already, it's in stock and ready to be shipping out within 24 hours

We invite you to explore the 100+ Certified Original, Genuine Cheech & Chong Glass items we offer. New products are always being added so check back periodically, and follow our Instagram and Facebook pages for up-to-date images and info on the products we offer.  Fill out the form below first, to get the ball rolling.

Setting up an account with us is extremely easy and, more importantly, FREE.  All you need is to be a registered business with a license. You can email any questions you want answered to or use the handy dandy form below, your choice.

We look forward to your emails, have a great day, man!

Account Set-up Manager
Cheech & Chong Glass